INUTEC products are derived from the chicory root through physical and/or chemical modification. This chicory root contains a high amount of inulin, a linear polyfructose.  

Inulin is a storage carbohydrate found in many plants.  It has formed part of the daily human diet for some centuries as it is found naturally in many vegetables, fruits and cereals.  After starch, inulin is the most abundant non- structural polysaccharide found in nature. 

The linearity and the relative low molecular weight of inulin, makes this polysaccharide perform in a very different way than starches and celluloses; it brings almost no viscosity and is poorly water soluble.  Once partially hydrolyzed, the solubility increases.
The INUTEC N and H types perform as binders and conditioning agents.

The modified INUTEC S and NRA types perform as extremely effective emulsion and dispersion stabilisers.

INUTEC® products can be used in :