Cosmetic applications

INUTEC® in personal care

Emulsion and dispersion stabilisation with INUTEC®SL1

INUTEC®SL1 is the new version of the former INUTEC®SP1, which was re-engineered by CreaChem to fulfil the latest safety regulations. This concludes that the former powder of inulin lauryl carbamate is now solubilised (25%) in glycerin and sold as INUTEC®SL1. This product is the first of a patent protected class of inulin-based polymeric surfactants which can significantly improve formulations based on oil-in-water emulsion or aqueous dispersion systems.  

With INUTEC®SL1 it is possible to prepare stable cosmetic emulsions, from sprayables to butter-like viscosity creams, with a light, non-sticky and neutral skin feel.

Major benefits of INUTEC®SL1: 

    • Cost effective
    • No viscosity impact
    • Light / soft skin feel
    • Electrolyte tolerant

 Literature about INUTEC®SL1 or the former INUTEC®SP1:

Conditioning with INUTEC®H25P

INUTEC®H25P is the inulin hydrolysate for cosmetic and personal care applications.  Many rinse-off products contain cationic polymers as conditioning agent.  It is known that these cationic substances have an irritating character and can harm the skin. On top of that their cationic character often leads to incompatibility with other ingredients.


Major benefits INUTEC®H25P : 

  • Natural, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
  • Highly compatible 
  • Cost effective
  • No effect on transparancy