Technical applications

A novel emulsion and dispersion stabiliser

INUTEC®SL1t is the new version of INUTEC®SP1t, which was re-engineered by CreaChem to fulfil the latest safety regulations. INUTEC®SL1t is a new, patent protected polymeric stabiliser for aqueous emulsions and dispersions.  The effeciency of INUTEC®SL1t stems from its role to stabilise oil droplets and hydrophobic particles against coalescence and/or flocculation, through a process known as steric stabilisation.


How can INUTEC®SL1t be used:

  • as primary stabilizer

  • as co-stabilizer

  • as post-additive


  • Foaming emulsions

  • Diluted and concentrated emulsions

  • Wax dispersions

  • Emulsion polymers

  • Pigment dispersions

  • Carbon black dispersions

Literature about INUTEC®SL1t or the former INUTEC®SP1t: