RemyTec products are rice starch based materials: native, chemically or physically modified.
Rice starch is unique among all different starches including those from wheat, corn or potatoes. Rice starch is unique regarding several aspects:
  • The size of the natural granules is about 2 to 8 micron, significantly smaller than the above mentioned starches.
    As a result of that rice starch granules have a much higher specific surface compared to other starches and so much higher
    interactions with liquids and solids.
  • Increased binding properties.
  • Optimal light scattering, whereby RemyTec products can be used in mixtures and in coatings where a high whiteness is desired.

The RemyTec product range contains native and modified rice starches in their original granule form as well as pre-gelatinized rice starches.


RemyTec products can be used in :