About CreaChem

CreaChem was created in 2013 as a spin-off of the BENEO Group, taking on board the specialty products and applications from the former BENEO Bio Based Chemicals division. The mission “Connecting Nature and Chemistry” remains the same.

CreaChem’s main activities are the Marketing and the Product and Application development of INUTEC and RemyTec products.  These products are derived from respectively Inulin and Rice Starch, respectively.

The unique properties of these specialty carbohydrate based products open a variety of possibilities in Personal Care and Industrial Applications.

The CreaChem services:

  • Marketing of INUTEC and RemyTec products throughout a world-wide partnership set-up.
  • Product and Application development based on a long-lasting experience and extended knowledge of carbohydrate chemistry.
  • Consultancy for project management in the field of Process and Ingredient Technology